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Posted by komatteiru (3532 days ago)

Does anybody know how much is the normal monthly wage for a domestic helper? Are the terms and conditions similar to that of Hong Kong? Are there other choices besides filipinos? Thanks.

#1 Posted by expat97 (3519 days ago)

Hope you have been able to find out the answer to your questions. I am not sure about full time helpers' terms and conditions. There are some Chinese and Indonesian helpers.

#2 Posted by Mighty (3518 days ago)

Tks for your concerned. I have been waiting for a reply for a long time in this forum and no luck. So I called the Labour Dept. in Macau and the staff there was very helpful. I found out there is no minimum wage for DHs in Macau but if you pay too little (she told me no less than 2,500 per month) then the Govt wl not issue the contract for you. I saw from the another thread that you are living in Macau. Have you been living in HK before, if yes, how do you compare these two 'cities'? tks.

#3 Posted by expat97 (3514 days ago)

Hi Mighty

No, I have never lived in HK, but I guess you could say that Macau is the little country cousin. Rent and eating out is cheaper here. English books are harder to find.

#4 Posted by Imelda Verawati (2002 days ago)

Hi Mighty

My name Imelda n was worked in HK b4 as domestic helper from 2003-2008. Now wait for visa in Macao. Of course so much diffrent bettween HK n Macau. In HK monthly payment for domestic helper bigger n HK goverment have law if emplyer pay their DHs under $3580 the helper can get help from labour dept to complain their emlpyer who was give underpay not same under the contract .thanks

#5 Posted by bgabga (1283 days ago)

Hi, Can anybody please help on where I can search for Macao domestic helper job ?
I need one immediately. Please do ring me if anybody knows any job available.
I am right now in Macao itself.
My contact Number is : +853 6270 7493


#6 Posted by tmks (1049 days ago)

Looking for a domestic helper in Macau

#7 Posted by Noll (485 days ago)

Hi to all employer looking for helper. im Marynoll 33yrs old married looking for work as a dh in macau..Im from philipines.. I can do house hold chores.. willing to sign contract ... But now im here in philippines im willing to come in macau as a tourist first after that if you want is process my paper there as a dh.. my contact number +639179637797. Thanks alot

#8 Posted by tikerose (469 days ago)

hi im rose looking for a employer here in my number+85362609461...thanks gbu

#9 Posted by tikerose (467 days ago)

hi im rose 34 years old looking for a employer here in is my number +85362609461...thanks...gbu

#10 Posted by tikerose (464 days ago)

hi im rose looking for partime jobs..anytime can call me +85362609461.thanks

#11 Posted by mariahkatevince (422 days ago)

hi Im Maria valdemoro,, im looking for a job as a cook or full time excelent cook western asian and portuguges food good cleaner etc..i'll be in macau 2nd week of october,pls contact me 40 years old

#12 Posted by Jihandona (184 days ago)

Hi!! I'm Dona, looking for part time job in macau...please contact me at +85362610857.thank you

#13 Posted by diwani (161 days ago)

Hi! I am Sylvia.I am currently working here in Macau but my contract will soon be finished this first week of July. So, I am looking for a new employer to have a new contract with as a house helper. I am good in doing household chores and taking care of babies.
Please contact me in this number 62019014 if you are interested to see me for interview.

#14 Posted by jecis (126 days ago)

We are european familly with one child a boy we very interesting for home helper to stay with us 2years
So if somebody is interesting this is my contact 62658011

#15 Posted by alfrianne (124 days ago)

Hi, my name is Annaliza. Been working as domestic helper for 7 years. Experienced with newborn and young children, and do all housework. I am looking for partime domestic job here in macau. Available stay in or stay out until August 18,2014. I can speak and understand little mandarin and cantonese. You can reach me at 66257968. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

#16 Posted by jenily belen (111 days ago)

hi im jenny and im looking for an employer i am x hk pls do msg me... tnx

#17 Posted by rabor.wendy (43 days ago)

Helo im looking a job in macao.been working here in macao for 1year,and the other country for 2 yrs.married have 2 kids.i can do household chores ,caring child,and graduate in caregiver with TESDA certificate.honest and can work minimal supervision.preferably stay out.her is my contact # 62702015.last visa nov.1,2014.

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